Burning Instructions

  1. Initial Burn: To ensure an even and smooth burn down to the bottom, we recommend burning TCC Candles for a maximum of 2 – 4 hours during the first use. For larger candles, allow approximately 1 hour of burn time for every inch across. Wait until the wax has melted to the sides of the glass and a substantial wax pool has formed. This sets the candle's memory and promotes optimal burning. Remember to trim the wick when necessary.
  2. Suitable Container/Holder: Always burn TCC Candles in or on a suitable container or holder. This provides stability and prevents any potential damage to surfaces.
  3. Keep Away from Flammable Materials: Ensure a safe environment by keeping the candle well away from any flammable materials. This precaution is essential for maintaining fire safety.
  4. Wick Trimming: For the best results, keep the wick trimmed to a length of 5 - 6mm. This length is recommended for most TCC candles. However, for Votives 4cl, a wick length between 3 - 4mm is advised. Regular wick trimming helps maintain a controlled flame and prevents excessive smoke or sooting. Also, avoid letting any foreign objects fall into the wax pool.
  5. Avoid Draughts: Place the candle in a location where it is protected from draughts. Air movement can disrupt the burning process and may lead to an uneven or unsafe burn.
  6. Candle Movement: Never move a candle that is currently burning or contains molten wax. This precaution prevents accidents and ensures the safety of your surroundings.
  7. Keep Out of Reach: Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets. To re-centre the wick after each use, dip the extinguished wick in the wax rather than blowing it out.
  8. Candle Extinguishing: Extinguish TCC Candles using a candle snuffer for optimal safety. Never leave a burning candle unattended, as this poses a fire risk.

By adhering to these safety and burning instructions, you can enjoy the delightful ambiance and fragrance of The Candle Company Candles while ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.