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Incense - is a captivating olfactory journey that transports you to the mystical depths of ancient temples, where whispers of sacred rituals linger in the air. This fragrance is an homage to the rich and aromatic world of incense, capturing its ethereal essence and infusing it with a harmonious blend of woody and resinous notes. At the heart of this fragrance lies the sublime aroma of smoldering incense, its billowing smoke curling delicately through the air. This spiritual core is enveloped in a warm embrace of creamy sandalwood, exuding its smooth and velvety facets. The sandalwood lends a serene and meditative quality to the fragrance, inviting moments of introspection and tranquility. Intertwined with the incense and sandalwood, there are whispers of precious woods, such as cedar and patchouli, that add depth and complexity to the composition. These woody nuances provide a sturdy foundation, grounding the fragrance and creating a sense of rootedness. It also reveals subtle hints of aromatic spices, like cardamom and cinnamon, which add a touch of exotic allure and enigmatic allure. They dance playfully around the incense and woods, infusing the fragrance with a delicate spiciness that tantalizes the senses. Overall, Incense is an immersive fragrance that captures the spirit of ancient rituals and sacred spaces. It evokes a sense of tranquility, introspection, and spiritual connection, inviting you to embark on a sensorial journey to a world of serene beauty and profound mystery.

  • This Candle is set in a silver Tin
  • Burn time is 40 hours plus
  • Nett Weight 160 grams
  • Gross Weight 215 grams
  • Height 66mm
  • Width 78mm


Burn Time
40 Hours
TCC - The Candle Company
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Incense Scented Candle Tin 35 hour

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Incense Candle 35 hour - has a variety of very subtle undertones of incense burning. A musky evocative perfume reminiscent of frankincense and myrrh which fills you with senses of the Orient. A comforting, warm parfum that is pleasing to the senses.