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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products

Autumn Mystery with its elements of Lime Lilac and a Little Ginger is a captivating fragrance that combines the invigorating essence of lime, the delicate allure of lilac blossoms, and a touch of warm, spicy ginger.

Bergamot Rosemary and Sandalwood blended create a captivating fragrance that combines freshness, herbaceous allure, and woody elegance. The scent opens with the zesty and vibrant notes of bergamot, instantly awakening the senses with its tangy citrus aroma. Its lively essence adds a sparkling touch to the composition, uplifting the overall fragrance profile.

Black Pomegranate is a captivating fragrance that combines the rich, dark essence of ripe pomegranates with a touch of mystery. It opens with a burst of juicy, tangy pomegranate, its sweet and tart notes intertwining to create a luscious and tempting aroma. As the fragrance unfolds, deep and alluring layers reveal themselves.

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Fig Scented Candle Tin 35 hour

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Fig - this fragrance has notes of lemon, angelica and cassis which are fresh and vibrant, with the middle notes of fig cyclamen which gives it an added sweetness, it is a very subtle fragrance combination which will allure you into a soft and gentle slumber of a warm Mediterranean afternoon.

Incense Candle 35 hour - has a variety of very subtle undertones of incense burning. A musky evocative perfume reminiscent of frankincense and myrrh which fills you with senses of the Orient. A comforting, warm parfum that is pleasing to the senses.

Jasmine White Tea - Introducing "The Jasmine Breeze" a captivating fragrance that seamlessly blends the enchanting essence of jasmine with the delicate subtlety of white tea, which reduces the sweetness to an elegant dryer note.

French Lime Blossom - is an enchanting fragrance that captures the delicate essence of lime blossoms found in the beautiful countryside of France. It opens with a vibrant burst of zesty lime, creating a refreshing and invigorating sensation. As the fragrance develops, the lime notes gracefully intertwine with subtle floral undertones, reminiscent of blooming lime blossom petals with its floral middle notes exudes the fragrance of the trees bursting with summer.

Moroccan Orange Blossom Jasmine & Basil - Immerse yourself in the enchanting oasis of Moroccan Orange Blossom, where vibrant citrus meets delicate floral and aromatic herbs. This fragrance opens with a burst of zesty orange, radiating a bright and invigorating energy that awakens the senses.

Orange Cinnamon & Spices - Indulge your senses in a captivating symphony of scents with our Orange Cinnamon & Spices essential oils, expertly blended with a touch of added fragrance oils from cranberry jasmine white tea and stem ginger.

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Oudh Scented Candle Tin 35 hour

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Oudh - fragrance is derived from the Agarwood of the Aquilaria type tree, which has a very addictive personality, and is easy to fall in love with very seductive. It is very subtle with heavenly tones and warm aromas and is said to have healing properties. The main notes are of an oriental-woody type added with very soft fruity-floral notes plus a little sweet-balsamic and shades of vanilla and musk.

Pink Grapefruit - exudes a vibrant and invigorating fragrance that embodies the essence of zest and freshness. As the golden rays of the Mediterranean sun kiss the juicy grapefruit, a burst of sparkling energy fills the air.

Rose Geranium - Introducing this exquisite essential oil blend, a harmonious fusion that captures the essence of nature's most captivating blooms. This aromatic symphony entwines the delicate charm of roses with the uplifting vibrancy of geraniums, resulting in a fragrance that is both enchanting and invigorating.

Stem Ginger - Stem Ginger is an aromatic fragrance that captures the essence of freshly harvested ginger roots. It opens with a burst of zesty and spicy notes, reminiscent of the first cut into a ginger root, releasing its invigorating aroma. The top notes are vibrant and energetic, combining the sharpness of citrusy bergamot and the warmth of black pepper.

Tomato Leaf and Sea Buckthorn is a captivating fragrance that combines the distinct aromas of Tomato Leaf and Sea Buckthorn into a harmonious blend. It invites you to immerse yourself in the vibrant scents of a bountiful garden under the warm rays of the sun. As you inhale, the fragrance unfolds with the invigorating essence of Tomato Leaf.

Tuberose - also known as "The Queen of the Night," is a captivating and intoxicating fragrance that exudes sensuality and elegance. Its rich and opulent scent is both floral and creamy, creating an alluring and unforgettable olfactory experience. At first encounter, the aroma of tuberose envelopes your senses with its heady and narcotic presence.

Winter Mist - The delicately blended essential oils of Oudh and Incense converge to create a fragrance that evokes the ethereal beauty of a winter mist. Like a gossamer veil, this scent envelopes you, shrouding you in an aura of coolness and tranquillity.